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5-Star Hotels in Seoul - Find Yours with trivago™ and Save! Great Offer for Your Next Stay Top Attractions in Seoul 1. Gyeongbokgung Palace. It was the first royal palace built in the Joseon Dynasty and where the Joseon Dynasty 500 year... 2. Bukhansan National Park. 3. Myeongdong Shopping Street. 4. Changdeokgung Palace. 5. The War Memorial of Korea. 6. National Museum of Korea. It's. 1. N Seoul Tower. Visiting the N Seoul Tower is #1 on the things to do in Seoul bucket list. One of the best views in all of Seoul is from the iconic N Seoul Tower in the Myeongdong district. The city skyline of Seoul, peppered with little hills and mountains and the winding Han river, is absolutely breathtaking Jongmyo Shrine. Dongdaemun Market. Bukchon Hanok Village. The best things to do in Seoul draw inquisitive travelers from all over the world. Home to sleek skyscrapers and shopping malls, as well as well-preserved royal palaces and Buddhist temples, the South Korean capital is teeming with unique culture and modern comforts

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Often compared to the Big Apple's hit urban regeneration project, Seoullo 7017 is a 'sky garden' that runs from Seoul Station to Namdaemun Market. Converted from a former highway overpass and opened in 2017, the 1024m park boasts more than 20,000 plants and fine city views, and hosts a plethora of events Ranking of the top 11 things to do in Seoul. Travelers favorites include #1 Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower, #2 Bukchon Hanok Village and more If you want to try delicious fish and seafood, Noryangjin Fish Market is the place for you. The oldest and largest fish market in the city is a lively place; the best time to experience all the hustle and bustle is at 3 am when an auction of the best catches takes place. Noryangjin is a fun place to stop by Seoul is the ideal destination for a city trip and the perfect starting point for a longer holiday in South Korea. Expect to be surprised: book a flight to Seoul now! Full-evening programme With a length of almost 6 kilometres, Cheonggyecheon Stream is an oasis of calm in the bustling city of Seoul. The stream runs below street level and features waterfalls that are romantically lit after dark. No article on what to do in Seoul would be complete without a bit of soju. Korea's most famous booze is traditionally distilled from rice, barley, or wheat. It's a clear beverage and is usually between 15-20% and is super popular here. As far as liquor goes, soju is pretty easy-drinking. It's got a neutral taste a bit like vodka, but far less strong. People usually drink it neat out of.

Here in Seoul, beauty hunting can be overwhelming. The streets of Seoul are as congested as New York. But for the uninitiated, there are different areas to explore. One of my favorite places to shop in the city is the Gangnam district, which carries a style of its own. The way I see it, Gangnam is like Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and other shopping districts like Myeong-dong are more like SoHo. There's so much to do in Seoul, enough to spend weeks in the city alone. However, what about if you are only in Seoul for a day? What are the top 'must-do' things in Seoul? These are the places to visit and things to do in Seoul that shouldn't be missed! This is my list of 9 things everyone should do in Seoul! Everything on this post is rather broad, and that is intentional. For. Seoul is a bustling busy city so sometimes it's good to step back and unwind from it all. The Bongeunsa Temple is the perfect place to do it. Spread over a forested area the Bongeunsa Temple is actually a series of small temples in one complex. There are thousands of paper lanterns strung around the property and there is a large Buddha statue in the main building. Bongeunsa Temple also offers a temple stay program for those curious about the daily practices and blessings

One of the newest attractions in Seoul is the Lotte World Tower skyscraper. It's 500 meters above the ground and one of the world's tallest (currently fifth) buildings. There are several indoor and outdoor observation areas (called Seoul Sky) at the top on the 123 rd floor These are 30 of the best things to do in South Korea: Dazzling Seoul at night. 1. Karaoke is a MUST. Korean karaoke is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Get a group of friends together, rent a karaoke room, order food, order drinks, and grab the mic! Unlike karaoke in the U.S., you don't have to sing in front of a bunch of strangers or wait your turn. Pass around a book of songs and take full.

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Plan your own trip to Seoul: Seoul Itinerary and Attractions! Over 40 fun Seoul attractions to choose from. Seoul has so much to offer. You can never get tired of it. While you are staying in Seoul, you will be amazed by the numerous new things to see and experience. Here are the hottest places to go and do for your Seoul itinerary Palaces are the only thing Seoul has a lot of, there are over 40 different mountains in Seoul alone! This makes hiking one of the biggest pastime for residents living in Seoul. Seoul is a relatively new city, so the buildings and infrastructure looks super new, it is also super efficient! The subway in Seoul makes is incredibly easy to get around Approach Seoul through this list of local attractions and characterizing sites for a rounded insight into this evolving city. Here's the best things to do in Seoul: A refreshing perspective of Seoul wittaya photo / Shutterstock.com. Keep low under the bridges of Seoul for a cooling stroll along Cheonggyecheon stream. Spanning between. Seoul is a city full of life, culture and exciting things to do. From shopping, food, history to nightlife, this vibrant city has it all! To get a good taste of what Seoul has to offer, start with the following popular and fun activities on your visit -these are the top 10 things to do in Seoul.. Top 10 Things to Do in Seoul This is Seoul's oldest and biggest indoor fish market, with more than 700 vendors each selling the catch of the day. Get here early to enjoy the excitement of this bustling warehouse and you can participate in the seafood auction that takes place as the sun rises. More info . Open In Google Maps. 674 Nodeul-ro, Noryangjin 1(il)-dong, Dongjak-gu 서울특별시, 156-800, South Korea.

10 things you've got to do in Seoul . Rachel Sang-hee Han, Frances Cha, CNN • Updated 12th July 2017. Facebook Twitter Email (CNN) — The tourism industry in Seoul may be long past its used-by. Beach & Pool Clubs in Seoul Golf Courses in Seoul Jogging Paths & Tracks in Seoul Scenic Drives in Seoul Hiking Trails in Seoul Sports Camps & Clinics in Seoul Water Sports in Seoul Gear Rentals in Seoul Boat Rentals in Seoul Kayaking & Canoeing in Seoul Parasailing & Paragliding in Seoul River Rafting & Tubing in Seoul Scuba & Snorkelling in Seoul Submarine Tours in Seoul Surfing & Windsurfing in Seoul Even if you can only squeeze in 24 hours in Seoul, don't skip out on the best things to do in Myeongdong.Located in Jung-gu, Myeongdong is the consumerist heaven of Seoul. It's home to some of the most interesting things to do in Seoul.. Among the top tourist attractions in Myeongdong, you'll find some of Seoul's finest shopping spots Read reviews and view photos. Book a Seoul tour So many times, I get the question, What are things to do in Seoul? There are the conventional things, like visiting palaces and shopping in Myeong-dong. Yet Seoul is still new to many travel radars. You need an insider's view on what is worth seeing, doing, and eating, so you don't feel like you missed something that was right under your nose. I've organized this list into levels.

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A lot of attractions in Seoul appeal to travelers and they may wonder where to visit and what to do. Especially if you're in Seoul only for a few days, take a close look at our recommendations that will help you build your bucket list for Seoul. 1. Travel back in time through a palace tour. The royal palaces from the Joseon Dynasty are some of the best spots to get a glimpse into the rich. Discover the best top things to do in Seoul, South Korea including Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art From awesome festivals to shopping destinations and attractions, check out our guide to the best things to do in Seoul It is not recommended to drink tap water in Seoul unless boiled. Do not shy away from trying street food as South Korea has a rich food culture. Locals love snacking on the go and you can best experience Korean flavors when out and about. Koreans are extremely relaxed people and it's not uncommon to leave your camera on the table while ordering coffee or to give the waiter your cell phone to.

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  1. Amazing Seoul Day Trips under 3 hours with how to go guides. The Garden of Morning Calm. Dumulmeori. Everland Theme Park Discover All Day Trips from Seoul. Busan. Haeundae Beach. Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk. Gamcheon Culture Village. Gijang Crab Market Explore All of Busan. Best of Collections. Compilation of top favorites, seasonal and best of special interests in South Korea. Top Scenic.
  2. Also be sure to check out these 25 awesome and FREE things to do in Seoul and if you're only in Seoul for a layover, you might be interested in booking a FREE Seoul transit tour from Incheon Airport. RELATED 25 Free Things To Do In Seoul. VISITING GYEONGBOKGUNG PALACE IN SEOUL. WHEN TO GO . Since Gyeongbokgung Palace is among the top attractions in Seoul, it's pretty much always packed.
  3. While these sort of tops are more common in some areas in Seoul home to a younger crowd, such as Hongdae, these pieces of clothing will get you extra negative attention elsewhere. Some men might ogle, and older Korean ladies might scold you (Yes, in public!). But this doesn't mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe; pairing a cardigan with these types of tops works wonders. 2. Talk loudly.
  4. Street food in Seoul. Photo credit: iStock 4. Keep Your Hands to Yourself (at least at first!) While it's not uncommon to have a few elbows thrown your direction on a crowded street, Koreans aren't big on touching someone they don't know. This means hugs and shoulder pats aren't welcomed between strangers. Once you're in the friend zone though, something as intimate as walking down.
  5. Multi-bang in Seoul (Image from zzangjin7.egloos.com) If you or your group wants to do more than karaoke, then a multi-bang just might be what you're looking for. Head to Sinchon, which is home to a lot of these establishments. You can also look for others in Hongdae and other areas near universities
  6. Beauty salons in Seoul where you can get English service Have you been wondering where you can find English service at a hair salon in Seoul? You may be in need of a good haircut but afraid of walking into any Korean hair salon that may not have English speakers. We've done the work for you by calling hair salons in Seoul and finding which ones have reliable English-speaking stylists to get.

If you do plan to wander around in Seoul (and it's hard not to because the weather is pretty much perfect), be sure mask up, wash your hands, and practice social distancing as much as possible. Things to do during Chuseok in Seoul. This list of things to do during Chuseok is gleaned from over a decade of living in the city. Some are special. Seoul Sights and Attractions . The National Museum of Korea is the sixth-largest museum in the world, with 6.6 acres of exhibitions on 76 acres of land. The collection spans Paleolithic artifacts, stone pagodas, giant Buddhas and traditional Korean painting. Highlights include a gold crown studded with jade, the world's oldest printed scripture and ancient porcelain jars decorated with. THINGS TO DO IN SEOUL 1. Dress Up in a Hanbok. If you're a fan of Korean period dramas or just the culture in general, then you'll probably... 2. Visit a Market. We love visiting markets on trips because they're often the best places to find great street food in... 3. Explore Seoul's Neighborhoods.. In - Seoul is not the classic Global Playlist. They focused more on the mother - daughter relationship. Which was the best part. Though the romance was not bad, but they didn't pace it very well. Another thing that worked for it was the way they presented the story. It was nice to watch the two persepctives and how the two characters actually felt. However, they didn't work well with the. Seoul is an hour and half from one of the most dangerous borders in the world. The demilitarized zone is not really demilitarized. The buffer established at the end of the Korean War, this 250-kilometer border divides the two Koreas with heavy artillery, North Korean nukes, and two million soldiers. Life along the 38th parallel is a stalemate—the two sides are technically still at war—with.

Seoul is made up of 25 districts, situated north and south of the Han River that divides the city in half. While none of them will leave you high and dry in terms of places to sleep, eat, and. What to do in Seoul if you only have 24 hours. Trip Planning South Korea. Photo: Justin Ornellas. Sarah Shaw. Jun 9, 2012 . I studied in Seoul in 2009 and returned to teach English full-time in February 2011. Here's how I'd spend a day (multiple options included). Morning. Drag yourself out of bed around 9 or 10. Seoulites work, play, and study long after midnight, so nothing is open. Autumn in Seoul offers cool and crisp weather, breathtaking foliage and stunning views of the enchanting fall colors. Usually, September, October and November are the best months to take a fall foliage trip. Top 7 Places To Visit In Autumn In Seoul. We have shortlisted 7 places that boast a high volume of visitors during autumn in Seoul. Read on to find out what makes these destinations. The best place to stay in Seoul depends on what you want to see and do and where your interests lie. The only thing to look out for when booking a hotel is that it is close to a metro station. Seoul has one of the best and largest, with over 300 kilometers of tracks, metro networks in the world. The trains quickly transport you to every part of the city but even with this efficient network, it. So without further ado here are the ten best things to do in Seoul, South Korea. Go for a Hike. You don't often include epic hiking when exploring a city. Seoul is different. Mountains surround the city, and public transportation gets you to any trailhead. When you're in Seoul, tackling a hike should definitely be on your itinerary, as it is one of best things to do in Seoul. The city.

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Top things to do in Seoul 2021.5. Trip.com features the best things to do in Seoul South Korea, including travel-guide, attractions, restaurants, and cheap hotels Seoul Travel: 12 Things to Do on a Winter Trip to Korea 1. EAT, EAT, EAT AND EAT!. Whether you like to eat it with your hands, on a stick or in a bowl, Korean food is designed... 2. SKINNY DIPPING AT A JJIMJILBANG. All athletes need time to recoup, and visiting one of Seoul 's jjimjilbangs is... 3..

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Here are our picks of 5 best things to do while you're in Nami Island. Visit Nami Island in Korea, one of the best tourist destinations near Seoul! Nami Island, located near Seoul, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to Korea for its various natural and cultural attractions Let's now talk in detail about what kind of things you can do in Seoul N Tower (Namsan Tower), what to see and where to eat? How to Get there - N Seoul Tower Cable Car. Take the subway line no. 4 and get off at Hoehyeon (Namdaemun market) station. After walking out from Exit 1 of the subway station, go straight for about 200 meters, turn right through Woori Bank, and you will see an. It reminds me a bit of Harajuku in Tokyo. Visiting Hongdae in Seoul should definitely be on your list. There is no better way to experience the city's vibe than taking a stroll through this awesome neighborhood. Below are the top 10 things to do in Hongdae but first let's talk about how this district was born

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  1. While Seoul is a fascinating, lively city that could entertain you for weeks, if you have the time I highly recommend getting out of Seoul to see what else Korea has to offer. *Note: But if you do only have time to visit Seoul, at the very least try to hit up some of the mountains within the city. they'll give you some incredible views
  2. Korea has SO MUCH to see and do. Seoul especially. Student Life. Did you know Soju is the most drunk alcohol in the world? Well, now you do! Korean's drink like crazy, and if you come here to participate and embrace the culture, so will you. You can buy Soju for under $2 per bottle! It may not be the nicest, but everyone who has come to Korea definitely remembers their experiences with Soju.
  3. Read also: The ultimate Seoul itinerary for 3-7 days, 39 of the best things to do in Seoul and the 4 day Seoul itinerary. Organized Tours in Seoul . Here is an overview of the best-organized tours in Seoul. An organized tour saves you time and, moreover, the tour guide will enlighten you about the different sights you visit. We partnered up with GetYourGuide and Klook for these activities. We.
  4. Seoul also has vibrant shopping districts that transform into cultural spaces, with fashion shows, dance performances, and live concerts taking place year-round. Experience the best of South Korea's night-time attractions with our rundown of where to go and what to do at night in Seoul
  5. See also: 30 Best Things to Do in Seoul. Seoul's Itaewon is a common tourist hotspot famous for its electric culture, diversity in the number of cuisines it serves on a plate, glorious Korean history exhibited on the shelves of its renowned museums, and for the liveliness on its streets during the later hours. Other than this, there still remains a lot to do when in Itaewon and the itinerary.
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  1. From the best things to do in Seoul, to an overall guide to travel in South Korea in 2018, this video will get you ready for an amazing trip to the uniquely.
  2. Trying Mexican food in Seoul is perilous—don't say I didn't warn you! Shoe Shopping: Bring your own clothes. Korean sizes tend to be smaller than the average Westerner, so pack your shoes! Music: Give in to the K-Pop. In Korea, it's love it or tolerate it. Coffee: Good news if you love coffee—so do Koreans, there's a cafe on every.
  3. On these pages you can find some of the best things to do for FREE in Seoul and suggestions on how you can enjoy the city, even if you are on a tight budget. Luckily Seoul has so many distinct neighborhoods. Check out our city guide where you can search for things to do, by location. See what's nearby and read descriptions of some of the most interesting places in Seoul. Walking around.
  4. Here's how to do Seoul right. First time in Seoul? Study up We'd love to tell you that bingeing K-Dramas is the best way to prepare for a trip to Seoul. (Kim Soo Hyun, call us.) Unfortunately.
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  6. One of the best things to do in Hongdae is to shop until you drop! There are so many amazing shopping options in Hongdae making it one of the best areas for shopping in Seoul.. And again, back to that catering to a college student budgetfrom small $1 crazy sock stores to street vendors selling the latest trendy clothing to brands like Forever21 and H&M, local boutiques, and cosmetic stores.

Seoul only takes up a mere 0.6% of South Korea's territory: here are 50 beautiful places other 99.4% of the country that are all worth a visit Things to Do in Seoul. 1 Seoul Bus & Minivan Tours. 2 Seoul Tours. 3 Seoul Day Trips. 4 Seoul Sightseeing Tours. 5 Seoul Castle & Palace Tours. 6 Seoul Museum Tickets. 7 Seoul Cooking Classes. 8 Seoul Museums & Exhibitions. 9 Seoul Snow & Winter Sports. 10 Seoul Rainy-day Activities. 11 Seoul Activities. 12 Seoul Half-Day Tours. 13 Seoul Day Spa. 14 Seoul Urban Exploration. 15 Seoul Music. Seoul is Korea's largest city and is considered its economic and political center. Not surprisingly, there are tons of fun and interesting things to do and places to visit in and around Seoul. Its carefully planned cityscape and impeccable transportation system make moving in and out of the city very convenient and efficient. Yep, even for kids Seoul Travel: 6 fun things to do in Seoul. Find out why Seoul became one of our favourite cities. Discover the food, people, palaces and mountain Every foreigner who comes to Seoul gravitates to this gritty expat-friendly neighborhood near the main U.S. Army base. Itaewon is choc-a-block with bars, clubs, restaurants and shops selling everything from reproduction Korean furniture and tailored suits to jewelry and Korean pottery. One of the best clubs in the city, Club Volume, is here, in the basement of the Crown Hotel; it reputedly.

The Seoul International Marathon attracts participants from all over the world each year. The full 42.2-kilometer course crosses the heart of the city, from Gwanghwamun Square, along Cheonggyecheon Stream, to the Olympic Stadium at Seoul Sports Complex. The full course can also be run in a relay style, with groups of two or four people taking different sections. The marathon also includes a. If you're traveling to Seoul, Hongdae is a must not miss. From the cheap Korean food, live entertainment, and crazy parties to the incredible Hongdae shopping and street food it really has something for all types of travelers. After living in Korea for over 5 years we have come up with the top 12 things to do in Hongdae on your first trip to Seoul

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If you enjoy ice skating, there are plenty of places to do so in Seoul during winter. One of the most popular spots is Seoul Plaza Skating Rink, which is located right next to City Hall. This is one of the most central places in the city if you want to go skating. Another popular choice for outdoor skating is Yeoui Ice Park, located near the Han River. This is a fairly new spot, where aside. Seoul is the seat of government and it's as crowded and competitive, if more homogeneous, as any other developed megacity. Skyscrapers dwarf shanty towns, throngs of delivery men on motorcycles jockey with black Mercedes Benzes on the roads, and behind the straight major boulevards where multitudes of well-attired Seoulites shop at fancy boutiques and posh department stores, lies a maze of.

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What to do in Seoul . December 27, 2017 December 27, 2017 somewherebliss. Continuation Myeongdong Cathedral; We visited the church twice. First was on Dec 8th for the Immaculate Concepcion, 2nd was on a Sunday and we were able to exchange Peace be with you with the locals. You can either enter through the stairs as shown below or there's a mall underneath the church and you. What to do in Korea, Seoul, Korea. 271 likes · 6 talking about this. Travel Blogger Korea based Find events Learn Korean Living tips and trick Do I need a visa for Seoul? Philippine passport holders need a South Korea Tourist Visa to enter Seoul except if they are exempted. As for other nationalities, please check if you need one before going. 10. How to get to Seoul? There is Incheon International Airport that serves Seoul. There are flights from the Philippines, the rest of Asia, Australia, Africa (Ethiopia), the US, Canada, and.

Seoul is actually home to no fewer than five royal palaces, but Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung are considered the most beautiful, the most grand, and the most important when compiling your What to do in Seoul list. At the imposing black-and-white Gyeongbokgung Palace, you can catch the elaborate and dazzling changing of the guard ceremony; while at Changdeokgung, you will have the. What to do in Seoul Seoul today has been now transformed into an international destination, with a sound commerce and sports scene. Despite its modern soaring buildings and sophisticated expressways, Seoul still retains its old world charm. 1) What to do in Seoul - Insa-dong For those who want to enjoy the traditional culture of Korea, a visit to Seoul's Insa-dong would be a great experience. Read more: Best things to do in Seoul. 4.) Dakgalbi. Dakgalbi cooks right in front of you in a giant frying pan and is easily up there as one of the best South Korean food and dishes to eat here. Filled with Chicken, vegetables, and a number of additional options (sweet potatoes, noodles, rice (or even cheese we've heard)), are all mixed and cooked together. It's a proper filling meal that.

This is a guest post by Jason Demant, the co-founder of Unanchor whom I interviewed back in May of 2010. Since then, a few things have changed on the site where travelers can create and sell their own personalized itineraries. To give you an idea of what you can find on Unanchor, Jason and Chris Backe, share what they'd do if pressed to see Seoul in one day Do you want to be a prisoner or a guard? I liked the outdoor area the most because there was some sort of mural art on the walls. Inside, there are two floors with cells, a meeting room, and an interrogation room. Address: 11 Wacho-gil, Seongdang-myeon, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do (전북 익산시 성당면 와초길 11) Hours: 10:00am ~ 5:00p How to Do Business in Seoul. Before you start your new job in Seoul, you should acquaint yourself with the way Seoulites do business. While Seoul is more cosmopolitan than smaller cities or rural areas, traditional ethics still persist in all aspects of life. As a result, time, patience, and negotiation skills are important when doing business. The harmony of the collective, the respect for.

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Best Things to Do in Seoul. Since 2013, Flytographer has captured millions of vacation photos all around the globe and know our customers have the best travel tips to share! Explore their favourite things to do in Seoul, best restaurants in Seoul, and general travel tips to get fresh inspiration and start planning your trip to Seoul In Seoul, prices were half of that and often so much better! I spammed Korean BBQ and rice cakes nearly every day. But let me tell you, there are so many more delicious and affordable dishes in Korea that aren't found easily in Singapore. A mix of restaurant, cafes and street food, here's my personal list of Korean food (both popular and unheard of), not to be missed. Read also: 7D Seoul.

Diese neuen Städte, die außerhalb von Seoul in der Provinz Gyeonggi-do gelegen sind, entwickeln sich zu großen Trabantenstädten und bilden mit Seoul und den anderen drei Millionenstädten Incheon, Suwon und Goyang zusammen die Metropolregion Sudogwon. Politik Stadtregierung. Siehe auch: Liste der Bürgermeister Seouls. Wortmarke des Stadtmarketings. Seoul wird durch einen Stadtrat und das. 13 THINGS TO DO IN SEOUL ( OCTOBER 19 - OCTOBER 28) Honour Guard Ceremony. Cosmos Blooming. Hiking High Season. Persimmon Harvest and Gotgam Making. Seafood Season. Seafood lovers would be glad to visit Korea in fall when the best seafood is most abundant and always... Ginkgo Nuts. Watch. Things to Do in Seoul. The majority of Seoul's most popular tourist attractions are wheelchair accessible. See the information below concerning many of the top sights Seoul has to offer. Namsan Cable Car & Seoul Tower. The Namsan Cable Car is Korea's first aerial tram. It was built in 1962 to connect the Myeong-dong district with the Yejang-dong platform at the top of Namsan Mountain. Han river (or Hangang) is the major river flowing through the heart of Seoul. This river is an iconic symbol of the capital not just because of its beautiful scenery but also its historical value. Here are 15 amazing things to do on Han river Seoul providing you most fun with the local experience What to do when you travel to Seoul Korea. While my articles are based on my two-day trip to Seoul, I was able to see a lot in those two days. My itinerary can easily be expanded to a four (or more!) day trip. In case you were wondering, I spent 12+ hours of my time outside of my hotel to see as much of the city as possible. My Korean friends were very impressed with all the places I managed.

Discover 18 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in Seoul, South Korea from Trick Eye Museum to Unhyeongung Visit Seoul is the perfect city tour guide for traveling to Seoul. Experience Seoul in various ways from K-food to cafes and festivals Things to do in Hongdae - Top attractions. Seoul's Street Performers in Hongdae - If you are a K-Pop lover, then you will really enjoy these street performers. Many of them will sing and dance to K-Pop songs. Often times there are lots of crowds surrounding the area. It is quite interesting to watch and kind of builds the atmosphere for Hongdae. They love performance hence why it is a. Explore street view, find things to do in Seoul and sign in to your Google account to save your map. Friday 1. Hipster Haven, 3 p.m. Priced out of gentrifying districts elsewhere, the city's.

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Free Things To Do in Seoul. If you have extra time, Bukhansan National Park is worthwhile. Free; All Things To Do » Free; All » #1. View all Photos. Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower. Namsan Park. There is nothing not to like about Seoul there is so much to see and do your holiday there I am certain will be Amazing. Things I did while in Seoul include - Han River Kayaking, Boat Ride, Bicycle Hire , E-Scooter Hire, Quad Biking, Palace visits, Temple visits, walking up Mountains, Namsan Tower Visit, Singing at a Noraebang (Karaoke Room), Cinema, Dvd Room, Game Cafe, Animal Cafe, PC Room. If you've got your eyes set what to do in Seoul, digging into the best things to do in Insadong should be high on your agenda.. The Insadong area harkens back to the more distant past of the Korean capital. Taking on most popular tourist attractions in Insadong, you'll browse through antique shops and sip cha in traditional Korean teahouses

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Things to do in Seoul. By Lauren Hill | July 31 2017 . In South Korea's capital city the ever evolving contemporary culture and modern architecture lie in contrast to its traditional culture and the preserved heritage of its temples and palaces. This then sits within an area of natural beauty in which mountains lie on the horizon and parks provide a wealth of green space amid the urban. Top Things to Do in Seoul, South Korea. Places to Visit in Seoul. View map Map. Popular things to do. Rail Tours. Architecture Tours. Cultural Tours. Historical Tours. Film Tours. Art Tours. Ghost & Vampire Tours. Archaeology Tours. Shopping Malls. Dining Experiences. Top Attractions in Seoul. See all. 2020. 1. Gyeongbokgung Palace. 10,655 . Historic Sites • History Museums. Jongno-gu. By. Bust out of hibernation for these fun winter activities in Seoul, South Korea. Warm up with cozy drinks and indoor attractions sure to beat the wintertime blues

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There are tons of other things to do and see in Seoul that we've captured in another post. And for accommodation, here's a list of places to stay in Seoul. Where to shop in Seoul? Ok enough talking, let's go on a virtual shopping tour but make sure you have read our important tips before going to Seoul post for more information. Let's move the spotlight for a second to Seoul's famous. Seoul has the best places to travel! From palaces to historical sites, galleries & museums, Discover the hidden and charming spots of Seoul Discover 72 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in South Korea from Trick Eye Museum to Jangsan Puppy Cafe

Things To Do In Seoul. Things to do this week. Happy May Days in Korea. Everland Discount Ticket - One Day Pass. Up to 23% OFF. US$ 41.5 50.1. location Korea view 46.5k. Whoo Spa (formerly O HUI Spa) Beauty Care Package. UP TO 28% OFF & Free Sample Gift Box. US$ 85.5 89.5. location Korea view 11k. 1; 2; 3; Most popular . Lotte World Discount Ticket (+ Magic Pass Premium option) 36% OFF. US$ 33. There are even more outside of Seoul, too. I know, we can hardly wait to do a part two to this BTS stan tour. mimibtsghost. Which location do you want to visit the most? Let us the know in the. What to do in Korea, Seoul, Korea. 265 likes · 8 talking about this. Travel Blogger Korea based Find events Learn Korean Living tips and trick Things to Do in Seoul. 1 Seoul Bus & Minivan Tours. 2 Seoul Tours. 3 Seoul Museums & Exhibitions. 4 Seoul Ghost & Vampire Tours. 5 Seoul Shows. 6 Seoul Culture & History. 7 Seoul Urban Exploration. 8 Seoul Cruises & Boat Tours. 9 Seoul Hiking. 10 Seoul Shopping Tours. 11 Seoul Group activities. 12 Seoul Airport Transfers. 13 Seoul Private Experiences. 14 Seoul Theme Parks & Amusement Parks. 15. The best things to do in Seoul draw inquisitive travellers from all over the world. Home to sleek skyscrapers and shopping malls, as well as well-preserved royal palaces and Buddhist temples, the South Korean capital is teeming with unique culture and modern comforts. Seoul has an extensive subway system, where notable landmarks are usually a few stops awa

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really enjoyed your very informative adventures n sights of south korea. what can i do best for only 2nights in seoul,2 nights in jeju and five nights in busan.pse advised based on your experience .my free n easy travel starts on 10/09/16 to 19/09/16 kl -seoul - jeju -busan -kl thank you. Reply . Tommy Ooi. 31/08/2016 at 1:54 PM . Hi Toh, is good to be mindful Seoul to Jeju flight normally. Seoul National University (SNU), one of South Korea's top schools, houses the film location for BTS' HYYH: Prologue music video where the group gave life to the once-occupied area. A famed spot for photographers, the abandoned swimming pool cues the nostalgia as we remember them enjoying their youth way back in 2014. 2. Dongjak Bridge . Location: Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea. What to do in Seoul . December 27, 2017 December 27, 2017 somewherebliss. Continuation DMZ (Demilitarized Military Zone) Half day tour; This particular tour MUST be booked via a travel agency thus, this is also booked via KLOOK. We were picked up, literally inside our hostel, by our tour guide who happens to be an Elite soldier. When he went up to our hostel, we were shookt.

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